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Innobay Group provides modular commercial off-the-shelf solution (COTS) that transforms your business operation; fusing the benefits of user interface tailored to your workflow, while providing the cost effectiveness and fast implementation of COTS application. Think WordPress (CMS) or Microsoft Dynamics (ERP) – our baseplate improves versatility and scalability as your business grows.

AceLancer Bay

AceLancer Bay is a growing integrated online platform for freelance and independent contractors in Singapore. Create a profile to post jobs or showcase your skills - our proprietor application connects clients with service providers in a comprehensive and secure bidding system.

The web-based online community is also available for freelancers to network, connect with prospective clients, form groups to take on sophisticated projects, and even collaborate to take on multi-phase projects that is beyond the capacity and expertise from an individual. Our forum is a repository of legal advisory, business training, financial planning to empower freelancers as independent business owners.

Available to download for iOS and Android platform.


  • - For Freelancers/ Independent Contractors or Companies to Offer Services
  • - Two-Way Rating System & Testimonials
  • - Comprehensive Categorisation of Jobs
  • - Social Media Synchronisation
  • - Intuitive interface


  • - Fast growing online community
  • - Professional services at your fingertips
  • - Effective networking for business opportunities/ collaboration
  • - 3-tiered boards: general, blog & articles and reviews


  • - Reminders & notifications
  • - Chat options within your network
  • - Project management and scheduling
  • - 3-tiered boards: general, blog & articles and reviews
  • - Stats board at a glance
  • - Quick-control dashboard

AceConnect ME

AceConnect Me allows you to network conveniently without name cards. The business networking application with endless possibilities. Eliminate the worry to carry name cards for meetings. Reduce your clutter of physical name cards. Bypass the need to scan business cards.

Has your contact been promoted or changed organisation? Synchronise the app with your social media account for your contacts’ updates – or schedule a time to reconnect in person! Be ready to network globally with a multi-language profile – AceConnect Me translates your profile to major business languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish.

Available to download for iOS and Android platform.


  • - Create & Share in seconds
  • - Find your contacts in seconds
  • - Liberate your pocket space
  • - Synchronise physical name cards to digital profile


  • - Keep your contact current and updated
  • - Real-time notifications of contacts’ changing details
  • - Save cost from name card reprints


  • - Geofencing
  • - Multi-Language Profile for globalised networking
  • - Cost-effective way to keep your contacts
  • - Effective personal branding
  • - Save the environment - go paperless!

AceClinic Management

Medical advances have enabled better treatment and wider options. Innobay Group believes that healthcare administration should complement the holistic experience. Medical professionals can optimally automate various day-to-day administrative and management tasks of their medical offices. Real-time status of drugs and inventory, patients’ appointments and scheduling, prescriptions at a click away.

AceClinic Management System allows hospitals and health centres to develop cross-platform web-based and mobile applications that create positive experiences for patients and employees. From scheduling and online consultations to customer support and business analytics—our platform empowers businesses.


Applications built using our mobile application platform help hospitals and healthcare providers tackle their most significant challenges. Cut losses due to missed appointments by sending timely reminders to your patients. Help patients get where they’re going with real-time indoor navigation functionality.
  • - Real-time Navigation
  • - Reminders & Notifications
  • - Incident Reporting
  • - Geofencing


Empower your employees with the digital tools they need to react quickly and work efficiently. Create an online command centre for your hospital facilities and allow doctors and nurses to report incidents. Use mobile schedules and online consultation tools to help doctors respond to the needs of their patients quicker. Track and prioritise patient flow with the help of real-time notifications.
  • - Scheduling
  • - Online Consultations
  • - Real-time Employee Tracking
  • - Identification & Smart Prioritization


Our online platforms include powerful administration tools that help you control content, analyse usage statistics for employees and patients, and make workflow improvements based on actionable analytics. Use location analytics to create heatmaps, increase efficiency with comprehensive scheduling and resource management tools, and integrate third-party software to expand your mobile suite’s functionality.
  • - Payment Models
  • - Content Management
  • - Analytics Engine
  • - API
  • - Real-time Communication

Acefacility management

The trend for mixed use development in major cities continues to grow, which stresses on space optimisation for maximum occupancy. Begin managing your facilities and venues with software and mobile applications that excite your visitors and simplify work for your team.

Organise information, facilitate navigation, and push notify to guests via AceFacility Management Application.


The simple and intuitive booking experience to book your facilities. Manage slot occupancy effortlessly with real-time availability updates. Improve efficiency and engagement by empowering end-users into incidence and maintenance reporting. Developed for facilities and institutions with communal spaces, users can manage bookings either online, from email or on premises.
  • - Clean Interface
  • - Simple Setup
  • - Easy Invoicing


Reduce paperwork and miscommunication with a simple application. Use mobile schedule and auto-alerts to reduce down-time and coordinate maintenance seamlessly. Integrate security features and compound surveillance for your residential facilities or campus. Direct internal service team and external vendors to incidence via geolocation.
  • - Maintenance Scheduling
  • - Manpower Scheduling
  • - Real-time Employee Tracking
  • - Security Integration


Our online platforms include powerful administration tools that help you control content, analyse usage statistics for employees and users, and make workflow improvements based on actionable analytics. Increase productivity with our selection of modules to synchronise across users. Maximise occupancy, manage transactions, and schedule maintenance within the app.
  • - Smart Design
  • - Task Management
  • - Maintenance management
  • - Data Analytics

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